Also Starring created a short film for the Finnish National Gallery fundraising campaign. In the film Martti Suosalo, our national favorite, talks about the meaning of art - where do we need it?

“Art binds the story of Finland together and forwards it from one generation to the next. It makes the shipping containers move.”

We have always fought for (and against) art, for as long as there has been such concept. But have we ever regretted funding art? It’s a gift to new generations. Through art we get a subjective insight into a world that only exists a brief moment.

It is sad, of course, that we need to justify why art is important. But then we are also reminded where we need art and why it needs to be supported.

Director: Kasimir Lehto, Producer: Petteri Lehtinen, Cinematography: Kjell Lagerroos, Composer: Lasse Enersen, Screenplay: Havas Worldwide Helsinki