In 1988 cinematographer Julle Salminen founded Also Starring together with director Vellu Valla. In 2005 Julle’s son Ville started at Also and in 2015 he left. The same year Julle’s second son Juhana was recruited as the Executive Vice President. Now, in 2016, Ville comes back to Also.

What an earth is going on?

The reincarnation of Also, generation shift, new leaders who have experience in old and new technologies and who have a modern take on commercial film making - that’s what’s going on.

Juhana becomes the CEO and Client Director of Also. Ville takes position as an Executive Producer and Creative Director. Johannes continues as a Partner and Executive Producer and Vellu as the ”senior spur” and the midwife of screenplays, when needed.

Feeling confused? Feel free to give any of us a call, anytime.