Also Starring had a kick start into the new year by finishing a modest number of 53 different films, videos and animations that tell us about the new Veikkaus from all different angles.

Run by producer Johannes Lassila, director Markus Virpiö and the creatives from hasan&partners, the project tells about the merge of Veikkaus, RAY and Fintoto into the new Veikkaus Oy, using commercial films, cinemagraphs, gifs and online-videos. 

The new Veikkaus provides opportunities for people and organizations in so many areas including culture, sports, activities for disabled, science, horse management, and promoting social wellbeing. These aspects are brought out in the films by multiple overlapping stories.

This versatile project was executed with a passionate team of professionals. The four shooting days in December consisted of 17 locations, 11 actors, about a hundred extras, and countless number of emptied cups of coffee. Post productions started already during the shoot and was coordinated by Riikka Hesse, who managed to operate every piece of this massive puzzle in its place on time.

Let the year of 2017 be full of opportunities for everyone!

Executive Producer: Johannes Lassila,  Director: Markus Virpiö
Client: Veikkaus Oy,  Agency: hasan&partners