Kasimir Lehto joins Also as a director, cinematographer and an in-house VR (Virtual Reality) wizard. Kasimir is easily the best in Finland in joining VR technology and traditional storytelling. 

As a director, Kasimir is a strong visualist and a master in getting intensive nuances out of his actors. He’s worked as a DOP in three feature films, and also as a 3D Supervisor in Hollywood. 

- Multitalented people are super valuable these days. Kasimir’s knowhow and experience as a DOP and director, combined with wide knowledge of the Stereoscopic (3D) and Virtual Reality technologies is something unique, something that not many people have in the world, says Vice President Juhana Salminen. 

- I have another foot in traditional humane film making and another one in the mindset of a pioneer of new technologies. Combining these two I try to create magical experiences for the viewer, says Kasimir.

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