Markus has been directing films since 1984. Although nobody gave him any money before 1995, when he first started at Also Starring.

A young eager filmmaker became a professional director. After few years he had made lots of shit, but some great films too. Even some awards were received in national and international competitions. Then suddenly he left Also Starring. He wanted to check if the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. Well, it wasn’t. The prodigal son returned to his roots in 2003.

Since that he has been working a lot, directing his best work. Including three films for Love & Anarchy film festival and loads of other cool stuff.

Shooting movie-like scripts in great locations, with super D.O.P and 35 mm film is the way to do it. But not the only way. He also likes to do small films with tiny budgets, more personal touch and less limits. Testing new tools and re-inventing the old ones.

So, versatility is a key word in his work. Humor is usually the connecting theme around his showreel, but playing with genres and techniques also fascinates this guy. And strong advertising background still keeps him away from doing pointless art with client’s money. He does that with his own.

Markus recommends

Japanese movies, convertible cars, fast boats, video games, diving in exotic locations, kung fu and beer.