The first Also Starring -production for Tuukka is now out, a beautifully executed music video for the Finnish rap legend Asa’s song ”Avar Uus”. The lyrics talk about how in the midst of all the hassle and social media craziness you forget about being yourself. And these thoughts Tuukka used in the video by creating a dream-like atmosphere, story and look.

But wait, who is Tuukka?

Tuukka Harala is the newest addition to the Also Starring gang. As our in-house director he guarantees a quick and easy response to all kinds of production needs. Tuukka has studied film in the Netherlands and in Finland, and he’s a great story-teller, works well with actors (experienced and amateurs) - and is also a nice, socially talented guy. 

If you’re interested in meeting him or asking him for a vision for a project, please contact Johannes or Ville.

Producer: Juhana Salminen,  Director: Tuukka Harala
Client: Asa / Roihis Musica